Cool Facts About Wingback Chairs

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One of the most fascinating and most elegant looking furniture in big great houses are wingback chairs. If you ever seen a movie that is set in the 18th century or lower, there will always be some man sitting in this big chairs with a pipe in mouth.

But have you ever stop and wonder when does this great big chair originated or first manufactured?

Obviously, these type of furniture have been around for many years, hundred of years. In the old days the ‘wing’ part of the chair are very noticeable but the modern day type ones are barely there just to emphasize what type of chair it is.

But do you know that these wings once served a very special purpose during the first years of its existence?

During the old times, during winter of the cold days, picture yourself seated with friends around a roaring fire in a fireplace. All the chairs would be arranged facing the fire as close to the flames as possible.

The wings captures the heat and blocked the drafts from the sides and back – a real improvement over having your front warm and your back cold!

Nowadays, we do not spend many hours in front of the flames, thanks for heaters, but the wing of the chair was retained and having them retain the elegance and the unique design that these chairs have.

They can be purchased both in your local mall or there are many of them available also over the internet.