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Ladies Will Love A Pink Office Chair

Posted at September 12th, 2018 | Categorised in CHAIR

Girls rock okay, and if we want a pink office chair to park our fashionable derrieres on why shouldn’t we have one?

The mania for women just wearing pink has gone far beyond normal fads. My granddaughter is positively bent out of shape if she can’t wear something pink. When it comes to grown up ladies we work as hard as men, for less money, and when we finish work we usually go home and carry on working there too! So why shouldn’t we have a comfortable pink office chair to brighten up our days?

Offices are often so drab and just plain boring let’s face it. With depressing colored walls and boring brown furniture, by about 10:30 am we just want to crawl under the desk. Brighten up our surroundings would you please, even if it is with just a chair!

People are always stealing your stuff in offices, have you noticed? The pen you try so hard to protect because it writes so well disappears after a couple of days. The cleaners move the garbage cans around, but why is it you always end up with the one encrusted with regurgitated bubble gum? I’ve worked in many places where people come in and move the chairs around too; they try each one out to find the most comfortable and take it. Now if I had a beautiful pink office chair you wouldn’t be able to now would you?

Don’t think that pink office chair is inferior to your grubby grey thing with the squeaky wheels – mine will be bright and clean and I will be able to roll across the office floor unheard, and whack you outside the head every time you make a disparaging remark about our wonderful customers.

My chair will stand out and be envied by all, people will notice my chair and then me, and perhaps remember it’s time I had a pay raise because I am different, I stand out, and I look better than anything else in the dull room, me and my pink office chair.

Perhaps you could give me a pink chair Mr. Boss Man, I’ve worked for you for 10 years and you don’t even know my name! Well guess what, in a few weeks I will be leaving this dump and opening my own business, populated by other hard-working drones that will be happy sitting on their own pink office chair.

Oh don’t tell me there’s no such thing as a pink chair – where have you been these last few months? Oops, I shouldn’t have asked, slaving over a hot golf club in some remote Caribbean hideaway, while I work my shapely behind off on this butt ugly chair.

There’s many a pink chair to be had online, indeed a fine choice on which to place my behind. I saw them first in the salon where I get my nails done – they all have them and I was green with envy. If you don’t get me one soon I will go ahead and buy my own pink office chair and I will be Queen for a day.