The Modern Marine Bean Bag Chair

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Marine bean bag chairs are manufactured using the highest quality 100% marine grade materials. A department store bean bag will rot and fade in time from the sun’s UV rays and mildew when it gets wet. The filler used in the department store version is usually re-ground Styrofoam or shredded foam which breaks down fairly quickly and will absorb water when they get wet. Drying your bean bag out after it absorbs water is almost impossible. A waterlogged bean bag will mildew very quickly and smell very badly.

The marine grade materials used to manufacture these bean chairs are made to handle the most extreme conditions. They use virgin polystyrene beads that will not absorb water and do not break down, and high grade vinyl covers made to withstand the elements.

Most boats of today have less seating to allow for more deck space. The reason marine bean chairs were created, was to give the boater a comfortable seating option that is not only versatile but portable. The use of high quality marine grade vinyl, and heavy duty marine grade nylon thread and zippers, make a high end product that will last for years to come.

Use them on your boat, take them to the beach, or take them on your camping trip. They are completely weather resistant, so you can use them near the pool or the lake, sit in them on the lanai or porch, or even use them as a comfortable recliner to get a sun tan.

The vinyl covers are UV protected so they won’t fade in the sun. They are oil and stain resistant so they easily wipe clean, and they are mildew resistant so they won’t turn green and rot away. They are filled with Styrofoam beads so they won’t absorb water and sink to the bottom of the ocean, lake or pool!

This product as far as I know, comes in white only. Double stitched with clear nylon for strength and additional weather resistance. They will not fill up with water if they get wet. They are lightweight, only 10 lbs. Easy to relocate, stack-able, and a 30″ diameter will not fill up the whole boat, camper or minivan.

Best of all these bean bag chairs will not set you back by hundreds of dollars. You can pick one up for about 100 bucks. A most cost effective way to provide additional, versatile seating. This chair will be treasured by you and your family for many, many years to come.

NOTE:  We do not recommend you leave your marine bean chair out in the rain and snow indefinitely. Move out of extreme weather to a sheltered area such as an overhang, porch or lanai, and you will enjoy your bean bag chair a lot longer.

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