Chesterfield Chairs

This is a classic chair that is common in British heritage and it contains an upholstered seating piece. The Chesterfield chair in most cases is sold as part of a sofa set and for a long time it has been found to match well. The most common feature that makes you to identify them is the button tufts that are used as decorations on the back seat.

The chairs contain a very thick padded seat but when compared to the Victorian chairs that have the same design they are less padded. The chairs are now more common in homes and offices.

However most of the chesterfield chairs do not blend well with most modern decorations at homes. This is because the buttons that are used to make a strong tuft on the back seating gives them a very detailed appearance. If the chesterfield chairs are used in many homes they will make the room to look very elegant and somehow sophisticated. This is due to the nature of the decorations.

It is good to have most chairs be covered in leather. Sometimes the chesterfield may be covered with fabric clothes. However, for a long time there has been a change in color on the covering of the chesterfield chairs. Traditionally the common color used for covering the chairs was dark brown.

The chairs for a long time have been known to be very expensive and hence they were meant for the rich people. Nowadays the chairs are considered affordable to many ordinary people. The chairs have legs that are made from carved wood. The base of the chairs is very wide with its taper being small in size and contains a rounded feet.


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