Ghost Chairs Invisible Entrance to the Furniture World

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Ghost chairs made their appearance in the furniture world in 2002. They slipped invisibly by me until two years ago when I overheard someone asking his friend how he liked his ghost chair. Ghost chair? Yes, the one gentleman was comfortably settled into a chair that I could barely see.

The first place one might expect to see an acrylic chair is outdoors. They are well built and durable enough to sustain sun and rain. For indoor use, this acrylic chair is appropriate for use in any room desired. Acrylic material may easily be placed in rooms with patterned or bulky furniture and they will remain next to invisible and fit in perfectly.

Rockers are a favorite of many people. The ghost chair design is now available as a rocking chair as well as in all of the colors and clear acrylic of the original. Those are perfect for facility use as well as home use. One might find them in waiting rooms, staff dining rooms, patient rooms for use by visitors, and in hospital laboratory, x-ray and other departments where there may be brief waits for service.

Ghost chairs may be stacked. Those made of clear acrylic are barely seen which makes it possible to keep extra seating on hand without a feeling of clutter. This is especially important in boardrooms, offices, funeral homes for visitations, and other spots where one cannot exactly estimate the number of seats that might be needed.

Small parishes use these chairs in their fellowship halls, as extra seats for services that draw large numbers that overflow the pews, town hall meetings, and nearly any other place or situation one might imagine.

The clear acrylic chair fascinates children. These same children often need to express themselves and might find using removal colors or paints on these chairs a way of individualizing their chair and decorating a classroom, playroom, recreation room, or other place where they may have their own chair.

Invisible and acrylic do not mean poorly made or cheap. Ghost chairs are well made and sturdy; made to last long and hold up well. For those who need extra seating to those who desire unique, conversation starters, the design cannot fit better. The old adage, “Try one, you will like it” holds true for this case. You will not be disappointed.


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