Wicker Rocking Chairs – Review of Three Styles of Wicker Rocking Chairs

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Wicker rocking chairs seem to be finding a resurgence of popularity. It had been a long time since I remember seeing a good old fashion rocker in somebody’s home. But then suddenly, as my generation of women began to start their own families, I began to notice a trend: rockers were appearing everywhere! They started out only in nurseries with newborns, and then my friends really began to appreciate the comforts those chairs offered, and added more rockers to the rest of their homes.

With all the people looking for wicker rocking chairs these days, I thought it might be helpful to offer a review of some of the rocking chairs out on the market currently.

The wicker chair from Spice Islands Wicker, came in #3 on our list. With Solid wicker construction, natural finish, and dimensions of 32.5 in. Width x 41.5 in. Deep x 37.5 in. Height. It features a South Sea style wicker design, accented with a tufted-back chair cushion and padded seat, with several fabric patterns to choose. Customers appreciated the craftsmanship of the rocker itself, but they were disappointed at how quickly the fabric cushions faded and deteriorated. Prices averaged about $520.00 USD.

The second most popular rocker I found was the Port Royal Rocking Chair, from NorthCape International. Featuring a wide-arm design, durable resin weave, supported by a commercial-grade aluminum frame. Customers found this chair to be attractive, easy to clear, weatherproof and very well constructed. With dimensions of 39″ x 37″ x 36″, customers were happy with the size and comfort of the chair, and thought that its average price of $289.00 was extremely reasonable and worth the cost.

And finally we have the Vineyard Outdoor White Wicker Rocking Chair, also from NorthCape International. This is a great indoor/outdoor rocking chair that is UV and weather-resistant. This rocker features the same aluminum frame and sturdy resin wicker as the Port Royal, and looks to be a standard part of NorthCape’s construction model. Customers gave rave reviews for this chair’s comfort, clean-ability and durability. Priced on average at $198.00 USD, it’s the cheapest of the three chairs, yet also the smallest (26 x 28 x 35 in), and will probably get you the most bang for your buck.


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