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Bean Bag Chairs for Kids

Posted at March 16th, 2019 | Categorised in CHAIR

here is one popular piece of furniture that is undeniably always a favorite among children and young adults, that being the bean bag chair. They are the perfect choice for any home with their soft and comfortable outer coverings and stylish appeal. They are versatile enough to fit right into any room of your home with the option for different colors and patterns to match your pre-existing furniture. They offer the perfect spot to sit down, relax, and unwind after a long day. While bean bags are designed to fit anyone of any age with the different shapes and styles available, they are perhaps most enjoyed by small children. A bean bag chair is a beneficial purchase for your child for a number of reasons including their quality construction, safety, comfort, and durability.

Quality Construction

You may find yourself to be surprised when your bean bag ends up holding up longer than expected and well after your kids are grown up and moved out. Although some may need to have a refill or extra stuffing added over time, their construction has vastly improved over the years, most are now designed to last upwards of ten years. With the amount of competition out there, each manufacturer has to find a way to differentiate themselves from the other which often means finding stronger and better materials as well as lower pricing. Notable high quality features that can be found on most bean bags include double stitching for added strength, double zippers for added security, and reinforced tops and bottoms that often suffer from the most abuse. They are light enough to move with minimal effort, whether when you are cleaning or if you simply want to take it to a different room in the house.


When parents look to purchase products for their children, most of the time the number one concern they have is that the product will be safe enough to bring into the household. Bean bags have increasingly become more safe for children as the years have gone by with all manufacturers keeping their main clientele, kids, in mind when coming up with a new design. Some even come with a hide-a-way zipper closer to keep scratchy zippers covered up, not allowing them to be clearly visible for children to unzip them and let the stuffing fall out. Others come with locking zippers for child safety.


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to owning a bean bag chair is the supreme comfort and relaxation they provide with their soft filling and equally comfortable covers. Not only are they fun to sit on, they are actually beneficial for your health and posture as well. Whether your children are spending long hours studying for a test or playing video games, bean bags take on the natural shape of the spine and provide support while leaning against the it. The soft beans or polystyrene filling that comes inside the chairs offers a pleasant sitting experience for all, but be wary parents as your children will not be pleased when they find you sitting in their bean bag!

They also come in many different shapes and sizes to accommodate any individual. There are kids sized bean bags that are small in size and designed particularly for children 10 and under. There are extra-large sizes which can fit up to two adults comfortably or allow one person to sit with ample room to spare. There are also plenty of sizes in between these two spectrums. Determining the size you will want to purchase mostly depends on the age and height of the individual and how long you think they will use it for. It may be wise to buy a smaller child a larger size so they do not outgrow within a few years. If the whole family will be using it, it would be recommended to choose an extra-large size bean bag to ensure each individual fits comfortably on the chair.


As aforementioned, bean bags are constructed with commercial strength and designed to last for years to come. Some specialty manufactures even go so far as to provide marine graded vinyl bean bag coverings that are easily cleaned with soap and water, UV protected, mildew and anti-fungal resistant, and oil stain resistant. While marine grade covers are found on select models, all bean bag chairs do come with removable covers that are machine washable. As we all know, children sometimes have a difficult time taking care of their possessions, which is why it is recommended to get a vinyl material to easily clean spills as they occur or a fabric covering that can be washed.

There are many places where you can find bean bag chairs whether it be a retail store or online, however online purchases are becoming much more prevalent than ever before. Purchasing a bean bag online can be a more beneficial choice to the consumer as you can read the benefits of each of the bean bags offered and find out exactly how it is constructed. If you are unsure of the color you would like to choose, many internet retailers can even provide fabric samples so you will know ahead of time exactly what you are getting. With the limited number of options available on bean bag chairs, you will have little risk of having to go through the hassle of returning the product as what you see is generally what you get with this product. With all the benefits these chairs provide coupled with the low-cost and limited risk, why not buy one for your children? Their happiness and comfort will be a reward in itself