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Banquet Chaircovers & Accessories – Plus Get a Custom Fit For Your Chair!

Posted at March 29th, 2019 | Categorised in CHAIR

In recent years all types of dining facilities that cater primarily to weddings or high-end events are now covering their chairs with Chaircovers for increased sales. Others are using Chaircovers because it is cheaper than replacing old and worn chairs but there is an even better reason so read on.

Whether a facility has brand new or old banquet chairs these chairs aren’t generally the most aesthetically pleasing. Even facilities that invested in plusher banquet chairs may find that the chairs don’t create an overall effect or match with the event’s theme.

The reason is quite simple covering tables and chairs in fabric and adding ties to the chairs creates a “complete fantasy” like no other. The problem is how to get covers to fit properly and what fabric or color to invest in.

Generally speaking there a 3 types of dining chairs, standard banquet with cushion seat and back which is stackable, then folding in either wood, resin plastic or metal and lastly a Kaneback or Chiavari chair (ladder back design with wood representing bamboo). All of these chairs can be covered with a Chaircover.

Most manufacturers will send a sample cover in the most common size ordered to fit your chair. The problem is if this doesn’t fit then the alternative is sending in a previous cover used (if available), a photo of the chair or the chair itself. Remember linear measurements do not take into account the 3rd dimensional shape of the chair. Only fabric draped on the chair will make sure that the best fit is achieved. Some manufacturer’s charge a template fee and the cost of the sample made for approval. The most important thing is to get a sample to fit properly because once you approve the cover and it doesn’t fit it is not returnable if it was a custom item or there maybe a hefty restocking fee to return the covers. Check the manufacturer’s policy.

While folding and banquet chairs can be covered in almost any fabric Chivari chairs look best when you add a cushion and get covers in a shear fabric like Organza-this way the beauty of the chair comes through but the custom look of covering the chairs is there.

There are all kinds of options to covering chairs, using just ties, bands or pre-made bows, chair-back with tie or chair-back tails, etc. The possibilities are endless so don’t hesitate to talk to your salesperson for suggestions. But for now let’s talk a complete Chaircover.

Most events that Chaircovers will be most likely utilized are weddings and chances are either white or ivory will be the color options for the bride. What fabric? This is where your salesperson can be invaluable to make suggestions. In most instances white polyester is generally used or sometimes a damask. Whatever fabric and pattern is decided upon always think about ties. These inexpensive items can be bought in any color and fabric available and does not have to match the Chaircover. In fact you can offer ties to match the event theme or bridal dresses.