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Choosing the Right Banqueting Chairs For Your Special Occasion

Posted at March 29th, 2019 | Categorised in CHAIR

Banqueting Chairs come in various designs, styles and types. The materials and colors vary as well giving you innumerable choices. Stocking up on banquet chairs during the sale months is a good idea as the prices soar closer to any holiday or party season. You can find chairs that suit your budget though a good quality chair will always cost more and look better.

The latest designs in banqueting chairs are the stacking variety. These economize on space and each chair neatly fits together. Storing stacking chairs is easier than the original variety. Most companies now offer stacking chairs and taking into account the added cost of storing, buying the stacking variety is an economical option.

You first need to decide your budget and then the kind of quality you desire in your banqueting chair. A number of big brands and designers offer stylized banqueting chairs. The designer chairs would be more expensive but there is an option for reasonable budgets as well. Due to the rising prices in Europe a lot of companies now outsource their manufacturing factories to the east. Places like China and Malaysia are able to provide decent quality chairs at a reasonable price.

A number of things need to be kept in mind before buying your chairs. The quality of construction is important, as a well constructed piece would be more durable. The material should be excellent so that the chair looks good and retains its attractiveness even after multiple uses. The comfort factor is very important as you want your clients or guests to be comfortable and enjoy the festivities in ease.

Having a style in mind is also helpful. Most designers that are employed by large companies already have chairs that have already been stylized. Chairs that have been pre-designed are a bit more expensive but there are some that are tailored to fit the strictest of budgets.

The banqueting chairs come in steel or aluminium with beautifully curved backs. These chairs last long and do not damage easily. They can be painted to resemble wood including mahogany, oak or walnut. They stack easily and sit tightly. Certain wooden chairs are also available with ornate carvings. Some of the wooden chairs are extremely attractive though they may be costlier depending on the type of wood.

Since some of these countries don’t have the governmental regulation that requires certain safety ratings, check the product for toxic parts. Always be very wary about placing them in places where children may have access to them. Make sure to inspect the pieces you are considering because no one wants to end up on a show where such mishaps caught on tape are fodder for the masses.

You should also preplan what materials from which you would like to have your chair made. Banquet chairs are often made from steel or aluminum and may or may not have designs. You may also have the option of wood, but these pieces also tend to be a mite bit on the pricey side. Wooden chairs are often hand carved in unique patterns so if you choose wooden pieces, be prepared to break your budget.