French Bedroom Chairs – It’s the Little Things That Count

The bedroom is a place we should be proud of, so why not maximise its style potential by incorporating the perfect selection of furniture? Beds, armoires, bedside tables and chests of drawers are all typical bedroom furnishings that look amazing in French inspired designs. However it is the small things that can really lift a wonderful bedroom into a beautiful boudoir! French bedroom chairs can certainly assist in achieving this radical transformation. Whether its classical shapes and colours you are interested in or something more bold with impact, this article hopes to help you in choosing the best bedroom chair for your home.

Your chaise lounge will love a new seating companion in the form of a gorgeous French bedroom chair. With an array of styles and colours to choose from it is easier to break them down into more manageable chunks, starting with colours! Antique white is very popular choice, its ability as a neutral colour to be paired with most other colour schemes is very practical. Rattan is commonplace and is often seen on the back support of the chair and matching with a rattan bed design is an ideal combination! Slightly distressed finishes are frequently present on white bedroom chairs adding that extra bit of character to the piece. Silver painted chairs are equally as stylish and looks very chic in the bedroom, common is brushed stroked finishes that give it a really luxurious feel. Purple silk is often upholstered onto the seats further enhancing their elegant persona. Gold, reminiscent of French royalty, looks fantastic on a bedroom chair, especially in a gilt finish and will bring a splash of opulence to your chosen space. Cream too is easily adaptable and ideal for toning down a busy room. For a more bold impact choose purple and black shades of colour.

Materials like mahogany are often the wood of choice for good quality bedroom chairs, durable and made to last it is worth investing in a bedroom chair that will stand the test of time. In terms of fabrics there is an abundance to choose from. Satin is very popular in the bedroom, sumptuous and elegant this particular material will complement your soft furnishings wonderfully! Linen and velvets are a more classic approach, but can have more of a wow factor if you select a colour with more vibrancy; try reds and deep purples! Don’t be afraid to customise your favourite bedroom chair, choosing your own fabric will add that extra special touch and make your bedroom interior sing French style.

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