Transform Your Home With Barrel Furniture

Barrel furniture adds a unique twist to the popular wine culture and can be appreciated by those that love sophisticated and elegant furniture. The furniture is created from recycled wine barrels that were previously used to ferment the wine. These accent pieces are inherently quality items that extend the uses of wine barrels. Furniture created out of the wine barrels are often considered high end pieces that are collected by those that enjoy fine furniture.

Choosing furniture constructed from recycled wine barrels offers several benefits over standard furniture. The most important aspect is the quality of the wood used to construct the pieces. The barrel makers are very selective when choosing the wood used for their wine barrels. Every consideration is taken to ensure the quality of the wine by carefully selecting quality wood. The wood selected to create the barrels are often French Oak, Hungarian Oak and American Oak. The wine makers take into account not only the trees growing conditions, but the shape of the tree. Winemakers also consider the tightness of the grain of wood to ensure that the barrel provides the best conditions to cultivate the wine. The selection process to create the wood barrels helps guarantee the quality of wood used to build the furniture.

The wood barrels have a limited life span of five years with the winemaker, but it’s lifespan can be extended by recycling the wine barrels into furniture. After a barrel has been used by the wine maker, the wood has absorbed the natural colors of the wine and has taken on a beautiful aged appearance. The most stunning and distinctive furniture can be created out of the wood from these wine barrels.

Buyers are able to customize their barrel furniture to create a unique accent piece for their homes. Coffee tables and end tables can be customized based on the unique taste of the customer. The pieces will reflect the deep natural color of the original fermenting wine within the barrel. Each piece is a reflection of the creativity of the artist and delivers an exceptional charm to a home.

The furniture is also available in a variety of finishes including pine, caramel, butternut, rouge and noir. The finishes enhance the beauty of the grain and protect the wood from becoming dry or brittle. The design options are available for coffee tables, end tables and barrel chairs. Buyers will find that the items provide more than a passing appeal, but are selections that can stand the test of time.

Homeowners are able to use the warm coloring of each of the pieces to create a welcoming atmosphere within their home. Each piece of furniture provides a rustic charm and reflects the creativity of the artist. In addition, the aesthetic appeals of the furniture created from the barrels are in high demand. With a wide selection of items available, homeowners are able to create a unique design in each room of their rooms. The furniture can also be passed down from one generation to another since the pieces are handcrafted and no two pieces are completely alike.

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