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Anyone who has been furniture shopping lately knows there are some new modern styles that have a very retro look to them. Some of these items are used in creating fun recreation rooms that appeal to people who are innovative thinkers. A lot of the Funky Furniture items fall into the category of chairs and come in some very interesting shapes and styles.

Pieces Created as Art

One of the classic chairs found in the line of funky items is the giant molded hand. This item uses the palm as the seating area and the upward curved fingers as the backrest. Originally available only in white this item can now be found in a variety of bright colors including yellow, red and black. If feet appeal to you more than hands you can add a giant shoe chair to your rec room as a Funky Furniture piece.

The giant shoe is designed as a high heeled item with the front toe area forming the seat. This product comes covered in fabric available in solid colors and animal prints. Some models of the shoe chair have matching ottomans made in the classic round shape. This particular item is also a favorite of teen girls and allows them to express their individuality when used as the seating in their bedrooms.

Comfortable and Fun

Two other styles of chairs are created to be comfortable for the person sitting in them. The first is the bean bag style, which uses small Styrofoam pellets as the inside stuffing. These tiny beans move freely to conform to the shape of the person sitting on them. The basic bag shape is what makes this item fit into the category of Funky Furniture. The bag’s outer material can be made out of the traditional vinyl or softer fabrics such as the new microfibers.

The second chair that has a non-traditional design is the gaming rocker. This item has a curved design with no feet or base to rest on. The bottom side of the seat sits directly on the floor making it easy for people to access nearby video game consoles. This unusually shaped items are actually created with state of the art technology with many models having speakers placed directly inside the backrest area to provide a unique type of surround sound.

While not everyone will be drawn to these unusually shaped pieces, for those who do find them appealing they can add a unique touch to an otherwise plain environment.

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