Make Feeding Easier With A Nursing Chair

Dealing with newborn babies is not easy. This is especially the case during feeding time. If the baby is not relaxed, he or she will cry and avoid feeding. And even if they are relaxed, your arms will start aching after holding them for so long. A nursing chair prevents both problems. The arm rests keep you from getting tired, while the rocking mechanism helps sooth the child. Some may also come with ottomans so moms can rest their feet while feeding.

Having been around for a while, the nursing chair came about because new mothers needed a place to feed their children. It works really well for breastfeeding, where proper positioning is very important. But even if you are bottle-feeding, the chair will help you feel more comfortable. In any case, the following list discusses some of the various options you will find in the marketplace.

Graco Avalon
The Avalon combines the functionality of these awesome chairs for nursing with the comfort of bedroom chairs. It has a lot of cushioning and a matching ottoman for resting your feet. The chair is also equipped with a unique set of ball bearings. They allow you to initiate a gentle gliding motion during the times you are rocking the chair.

The Dutailer is designed more like a sleeper chair. And, like the Avalon, it has a mechanism that helps initiate a gentle gliding motion. But unlike the Avalon, the Dutailer possesses a set of removable cushions. So, you will have no problems cleaning the chair if something spills.

This nursing chair can recline in 7 different positions. It also doubles as a sleeper, which works really well for guests. In addition, like other most of the other chairs disucssed here, the Sereno offers a pleasant rocking motion. And since the chair has an ergonomic design, the cushioning will adapt itself according to your body type.

Stork Craft

The Stork Craft nursing chair uses chenille material for its cushioning. This gives the chair superb comfort. In addition it has an enclosed set of bearings, which delivers a tranquil motion for both mother and child.

Tutti Bambini
When it comes down to it, I must sat that I believe that the Tutti is definitely the best. It allows mothers to choose their own position. The chair also comes with a stool to further aide in mom’s comfort. To top things off, the chair is extremely stylish. It doesn’t have the old-fashioned “rocking chair” look. Its modern design allows it to blend in with virtually any d├ęcor.

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