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Pediatric Wheelchair Considerations

Posted at Agustus 30th, 2019 | Categorised in CHAIR, Pediatric Chairs

Children with disabilities needn’t miss out on all activities of childhood if you properly choose the right type of pediatric wheelchair so their mobility is enhanced. There are all sorts of variables to take into considerations when it comes to picking out the right chair. One such consideration is transportation. So while an electric power chair is popular among kids and adults alike, a more lightweight wheelchair might be more easily transportable.

Since you will be maneuvering your child around your home and transferring him from wheelchair to chair you would probably want a lightweight wheelchair for that purpose. Choose one with detachable hardware so you can get the wheelchair as close to the chair as possible to save on back strain. Also consider which type of wheelchair would be best suited for school and any other activities your child participates in. Of course the most important consideration is that you choose a wheelchair that meets with the doctor’s specifications.

You can opt to purchase a wheelchair that is the size of your child and then buy a larger chair as your child grows. Or you can buy a wheelchair that grows with your child. Certain types of pediatric wheelchairs are built to expand in size to accommodate increased bulk and weight by altering a cross balance on the bottom of the chair. The front frames for the legs can be lengthened as your child’s legs grow longer. A wheel chair such as this can last for 10 years or longer making them a wise investment.

Also, you want your child to be comfortable. Select cushions that are not overly soft or rough so your child will be comfortable sitting for long periods of time. A cushion that is too thick will be uncomfortable and one that is too thin will not provide enough support. Be sure to choose a pediatric wheelchair with a footrest that is low enough so that it allows the seat to be in contact with the entire thigh.

Other considerations that are not as important are the style and color of the wheelchair. Although, these options might mean more to your child than they do to you. There is no need to settle for a depressing gray or brown metal framed chair. Pediatric wheelchairs can be purchased in lively colors such as red, blue, or pink and decorated with stickers and painted flowers so they are more appealing to children.

You can see that there are many things to consider when picking out a pediatric wheelchair. Do not rely on price alone. Pricier does not necessarily mean better. You want a wheelchair that is comfortable and provides proper support. It should be easily maneuverable to make things easier on both of you. Remember that you can buy your cushions separately to further customize your pediatric wheelchair

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